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POSTAME, email for me!

Postame builds upon a bulk email service to make it personal.
Massive personalization is our vision.
Postame analyzes customer interaction with your newsletter or bulk emails
(opening times, actions) and automatically improves its effectiveness.
The initial experimentation is focused and guided by your insight.
At the end of the validation phase, the personalization is extended gradually to all customers.
Zero risk and guaranteed results.


Only a small percentage of registered customers opens your marketing email and acts in accordance with your company's goals.  The daily bombardment of emails demands a level of   extreme personalization to provide useful information, give value, and therefore pierce the mailbox of the recipient.

Postame pushes customization and continuous adaptation to the preferences of each customer to levels never seen before through the use of machine learning
and optimization (automated methods of innovation and continuous improvement).

The approach is low risk (automated optimization - by its very nature - guarantees improving results) and easily integrated into your daily bulk email routines.

The phase of focused experimentation (guided by your experience) provides accurate measurements of the improvements and valuable guidance on the best strategies.

At the end of the validation period, date science and machine learning ensure a continuous improvement and a growing loyalty of your customers. Machine Learning never sleeps.

Use Postame as your bulk email service

We help you with rapid consultancy

Test the extreme personalization for your bulk email

Define the experiment and the initial fraction of clients

Measure the effectiveness of the service and the ROI

Our analytics tools guide you toward the best choices

Make the process of improvement continuous

Integrate Postame into your business. Machine learning 24/24 7/7


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Address: Reactive Search, Via della Stazione 27
Mattarello - 38123 Trento - Italy

Telephone: +39 0461 979 576

Email: nardon ((AT))

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